Takefusa Kubo – Heading back to Barca (in 3 years)

There are a few articles (below) saying Kubo has already signed a deal which will see him move to Barcelona after he turns 18; thus, he will be eligible to play in official matches.



Last night, I mentioned in my post,

…Kubo might decide to stay in Japan and develop until his 18th birthday, and then make a return to Barcelona.

Before I wrote about Kubo returning to Barca after he turns 18, I said that Kubo’s best option at the moment would be to join Arsenal. The reason for that is Arsenal has much better facilities and a much more competitive environment for Kubo to develop compared to FC Tokyo.

Kubo’s future move to Barca partially answers the question I asked last night:
Is Kubo the real deal?

Barcelona wanting to bring him back is a clear sign which says that he can be the real deal. Not only for Japan, but also for Barcelona.

However, the next 3 years are absolutely key for Kubo’s development. So, Kubo will have to be very self-motivated and self-disciplined in order to develop to a level where Barcelona want him to be.

One of the articles above mentions that Kubo could see action at the end of next month with FC Tokyo’s U-23 team which is currently in the J3 league. So, this would be his official debut in the J.League, but not in the J1 league, which is the top league Japanese professional soccer.

Nevertheless, Kubo is an exciting player with unlimited potential. He could be the player to change the trajectory of Japanese soccer and take the national team to another level in the near future.


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