[2018 WC Qualifiers Preview] Japan showing a lack of confidence? Focus on referee

Match Official from Iran

Main Match Official Ejected Kawashima in the Past

Yoshida’s “bad” experience with match official for Thailand match

(Articles in Japanese)

Each article focus on the how difficult the match will be because the match official will be from the Middle East, again like the UAE match. However, two of the articles have different names down as the main match official. Where are these guys getting their info from? By the way, the main match official is Mohsen TORKI.

In particular, the articles refer back to calls which went against Japan. One keyword from a few of these articles is the word 不可解 = incomprehensible.  The writers use the word in the following context:

Incomprehensible refereeing is something that cannot be avoided in Asia.

Ha! I have seen Japanese officials make some ‘incomprehensible’ calls myself. ‘Incomprehensible’ calls are made because officials are HUMAN and are not perfect. However, officials for matches on big stages need to have the competence to be able to handle such a match. Because the level of soccer is lower in Asia compared to other regions of the world, it is only natural that the level of officiating will also be lower. Do not misunderstand; I am not saying that Mohsen TORKI is a low-level official, because he is not. I am saying that the OVERALL level is lower than that of Europe, for example.

In my opinion, seeing articles like this being released a few hours before the match is a sign that Japan is hugely lacking confidence going into this match because it seems as if they are already making excuses for a loss which has not yet happened.


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