End of the Season (and end of my career?)

1-2-1 / 8-1-0

What do these numbers mean?
1 win, 2 losses, 1 draw = team results before I took over the team
8 wins, 1 loss, 0 draws = team results after I took over the team, included period as an interim head coach.

Not bad for my first venture into coaching, right?

You would think the players would realize the amount of work I put into strengthening the team.
I spend my weekends and holidays running practices, I wake up early on practice days to finalize training schedules and stay up late reflecting on player performance, and I use my own money to buy necessities.

Unfortunately, the players don’t. Now I know how my previous coaches felt when I was their player.

I have players come up to me in practice asking about the relevance of certain drills even though I thoroughly explain the goal of each drill and what I expect from them. I have players complaining that I make them run too much and do too much physical-oriented drills because they would rather do more possession drills.  Hell, I would love to do more possession drills if the players were fit enough to play a full 90 minute match without losing their legs in the last 15 minutes! Yes, the team is technically gifted and can connect quick passes to launch attacks, but they don’t have the stamina to play a possession-attacking style for an entire match.

After the team went into their slump, these players came to me for help and I gladly obliged. I had to make difficult decisions to play players in new positions and to try out new tactics, but the results show that we were quite successful.

However, if they continue to complain and question my philosophies for the team, I will also gladly leave my post and look for another coaching opportunity at a rival university who are willing to put their heads down and work hard.


2 responses to “End of the Season (and end of my career?)

  1. Show them what lacking stamina does in a game by finding the a game in which a team was defeated by more stamina filled opponents. I have CRIED during games where I see a good team lose just because they can’t keep up those long, grueling minutes. It’s shattering to lose like that.

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    • The team lost a few games because of their lack of stamina, but this happened before I became their head coach. It seems like they are satisfied with their situation at the moment, so it’s hard to push them to the next level.


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