Part 2: If I were FIFA President

As FIFA President I would carry out the following:

  1. Further develop soccer in Africa
    1. Representation of CAF (Confederation of African Football) at previous World Cups have seen national teams from Africa underperform.  In 2010, Ghana was the only nation out of 6 African nations to reach the knockout tournament, where Ghana reached the Quarterfinals.  In 2014, Nigeria and Algeria were the 2 nations out of 5 nations to reach the knockout round, where they were both eliminated in the round of 16.
    2. In the CAF Champions League, Egyptian clubs have been dominant winning 18 titles since 1982.  However, Egypt have only qualified for the World Cup twice (1934, 1990).  This goes to show that league play and dominance in the CAF does not relay to success on the international stage.
    3. For CAF nations who qualify for the World Cup, the majority of their players play in Europe.  This is not a negative because it shows that their players are able to compete on the highest level, which is in Europe. However, grassroots development is a must.  Competitive domestic leagues will lead to competitive continental competition in the CAF Champions League, which will contribute to a higher level in international play.
  2. Further Develop soccer in Asia
    1. AFC (Asian Football Confederation) nations have been abysmal. In 2010, South Korea and Japan both continued on to the knockout tournament only to be eliminated in the round of 16.  In 2014, zero, I repeat, ZERO nations from the AFC made it to the knockout stages.
    2. When the AFC comes to mind, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Iran are powerhouses.  However, they cannot compete on the international stage.  The reason for this is the quality of domestic soccer in each country and in the AFC.  Also, only a few players are playing in top leagues in Europe when compared to teams in the CAF.
    3. The JFA (Japan Football Association) is cooperating with other associations, such as the MFF (Myanmar Football Federation), to develop soccer in Myanmar.  Also, there are a few Japanese people working in the back office at Chonburi FC (Thailand).
    4. In my opinion, development of soccer in Southeast Asia (ASEAN Football Federaction, AFF) is an area with a large market and huge potential for development.  Exculding Australia for the AFF, other nations are still in the beginning stages of development.
  3. Encourage inter-federational cooperation
    1. As briefly mentioned in 2C/2.3 above, inter-federational cooperation between highly-developed, competitive nations and developing nations.  In my opinion, if leagues like the EPL (English Premier League) and The FA (The Football Association, England) contributed to the development of soccer in, for example, the J.League, JFA (Japan) or A-League, FFA (Australia), would start a ripple effect of development within Asia.
    2. I do not want leagues like the J.League to adopt England’s style of soccer.  However, Japan needs to learn coaching/training techniques, man management, advertising, youth development, and the list goes on.
  4. Stomp out racism
    1. Racism has been a huge problem in leagues all over the world.  An example is the Old Firm Rivalry (Rangers vs. Celtic, Celtic vs. Rangers).  Many of the fans say that it is just ‘banter’, but when things get violent and people’s lives are at stake, things need to change.  I am not against heated rivalry because that is one of aspect that makes the game beautiful and passionate.
    2. Monkey calls aimed toward players of African decent, extremist political ideologies brought into sport, monkey faces degrading opponents, throwing bananas on to the pitch.  All of these acts might be done impulsively because of an adrenaline rush.  However, fans must take responsibility for their actions.  This also means that clubs must take responsibility as well.  Soccer players/footballers are humans as well.  Treat them as you want to be treated.
  5. World Cup Slots
    1. As mentioned in 1. and 2. Certain regions are not competitive in the World Cup.  At the moment, 32 teams from the following associations qualify (2018 World Cup):
      1. Africa = 5
      2. Asia = 4.5
      3. Oceania = 0.5
      4. Europe = 13 + Host (Russia)
      5. North and Central America and Caribbean = 3.5
      6. South America = 4.5
    2. I suggest allocated slots should be as follows:
      1. Africa = 4.5 (-0.5)
      2. Asia = 3.5 (-1)
      3. Oceania = 0.5
      4. Europe = 13
      5. North and Central America and Caribbean = 4.5 (+1)
      6. South America 5 (+0.5)
      7. Host Nation = 1 (or 2 in a joint host year)
      8. The Intercontinental Playoff slots (0.5 slots)
    3. Intercontinental Playoffs will be held in a tournament format in a neutral country
      1. African, Asia, Oceania, North and Central American and Caribbean teams who have not directly qualified for the World Cup, but have finished in a position for the intercontinental playoff will play each other once. They will play matches in a span of 10 days and the top two teams will qualify for the World Cup.
      2. Africa has not been that competitive in the World Cup, but their teams have potential and have also been dangerous so they get -0.5 slots.
      3. Asia has been utterly disappointed so they lose 1 full slot.
      4. North and Central America and Caribbean gets 1 full slot because they have been more and more competitive in recent World Cups.
      5. South America gets +0.5 slots because CONMEBOL (Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol) is a highly-competitive region.

At the moment, these are a few things that I would consider changing in world soccer.


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